Nov 132012

Want to know what it takes to produce a stage magic and variety show?

A wide assortment of arts and artists are featured in this, another wonderful episode of Majinga Over the Edge.   Dot Cannon returns with her enthusiastic accounts of the planning and performance of The Magique Bazaar‘s Year of the Dragon performance this last July. (2012)
This recording is very well mixed and features a large number of guests and instruments.

Headphones highly recommended!

Sep 292012

A special treat this week as MOE is narrated by Dot Cannon who delves into the origins of Magique Bazzar and Fontain’s Muse, interviewing Fontain Riddle and Majinga, Michael Stroud.  While MOE is always theatrically insightful, this episode is particularly so and those interested in the workings of professional performing should listen closely.

Here’s the recording: