Feb 042012

The Magique Bazaar Returns!

Mondays at 5:30pm PST

Share the love of magic every Monday night.  With a soothing voice and infectious laugh, Genii interviews magicians and related artists about their lives and careers in magic and beyond.  In between shows with guest interviews, Genii speaks of current topics related to magic and performance as well as topics of magic history.   Like Magique Bazaar on Facebook and get announcements of upcoming shows or tune in every week and never miss a thing!  Prizes are a fun part of the show and are awarded as often as possible.

(Special thanks to Joseph for his technical prowess engineering the shows and for keeping things fun!)

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About Genii:
Genii is proud to be part of The Magic Broadcast team since June 2005.  She has been performing for 20 years across the United States and abroad – dance, acrobatics, circus and magic.  She has a degree in International Relations:  Visual and Performing Arts, three national gold medals in Sports Acrobatics and has been in love with magic and its performance for the past 12 years.  Her previous radio show “Talk is Cheap” aired in New York in the late 90’s.  Now permanently located in her native California, she continues to perform professionally and is also the owner of Rabbit Magic, a wholesale magic company, and runs the only retail magic shop in the South Bay named Victoria’s Magic Corner.