Apr 012012


You already know the old trick with the glass of milk and the folded newspaper – pour it in, but not a drop spills!  Then it vanishes!


Split Your Drawers improves on the effect you know and love, by taking the concept to the next level!


Imagine this:  you’re with friends or colleagues at the restaurant, when you bring up the topic of traveling.  Everyone’s had the same headaches – baggage lost at the airport, forgetting to pack essential items, diarrhea.  During appetizers, you pull a clean pair of underwear from your jacket pocket and tell how you had an “uncontrollable incident” during your red-eye into town.


You show both sides of the underwear and after folding it in half, you demonstrate the pesky trouble you had, by pouring the nearest container of beer, bean dip or guacamole into the underpants.  You make a few jokes about Montezuma’s Revenge and describe your embarrassment.  But you pick up a napkin and roll it diagonally to make a “magic wand” (what a great giveaway!).  You wave the paper wand around the underwear and before anyone can make a smart crack, you suddenly turn the whole load upside-down, over a friend’s head!  Hold the phone – no mess!  You unfold the underwear – and it’s clean as a whistle.
All the super-secret items are just a store shelf away.  We provide the pattern for this ingenious prop, which you make yourself in your hotel room.  All you need are two nesting pairs of underwear and the super-secret reclosable bag they came in.  Wear the third pair or throw it away.  With the complimentary sewing kit from housekeeping and our easy instructions, you’re just a few steps away from presenting a modern miracle.
 BONUS:  Turn the pattern upside down and you’ll get a Topit!
Please specify Boxers or Briefs pattern.
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