Mar 172015

We’ve been staying pretty busy here are Grand Illusions and and it’s time for an update.

We were fortunate to have been able to host three amazing magic lectures so far this year and each time our guest graciously granted a few minutes of their time for a brief interview.

Take a few minutes and dive inside the minds of great thinkers and performers in…”A few Minutes With…”


Jay Sankey10029.400

Jay Sankey is a true magician’s magician and is widely considered to be one of the most original thinkers and finest magic teachers alive today.He is also one of the most prolific magic creators on the planet.As a performer, Jay has mystified audiences at private parties, trade shows, banquets and corporate functions including work for Coca-Cola, Honda, Chrysler, Panasonic, McDonald’s and Club Med. Jay has also worked as a consultant for many of the world’s most famous magicians including Criss Angel, Keith Barry and David Copperfield.

Jay’s lecture at Grand Illusions was one of the best we’ve ever attended.  His magic was practical, amazing and very organic.  In addition Jay was charming, fun and hysterically funny.

At the break we got a chance to ask a few questions, here’s the recording:


Matthew Wright

Matthew is one of the most celebrated magicians not only in the UK but all across Europe. He has won more awards than his friends can bear to listen to him list and his crazy comedy character has resulted in people describing him as “an autistic Doctor Who”, although Simon Cowell was possibly more accurate when he said, “Matthew, your magic is amazing but you are rude, arrogant and obnoxious.” Charming.

As well as his hilarious comedy cabaret show Matthew is also known as a world class Parlour magician. Close-up magic or “walkaround” magic is another option and Matthew spent many years on the UK corporate party circuit providing entertainment for many of the country’s top corporate parties.

Matthew has spent five summer seasons performing his comedy cabaret at The House of Illusion in Salou, Spain where he helped to also take the venue to the Trip Advisor number one thing to do for Salou beating off competition from universal Studios theme park attraction Port Aventura. He has also produced his own theatre show called “The Chamber of Secrets”.

Matthew Wright is a puppeteer, comedian, magician extraordinaire. A devoted student of prestidigitation and the illusions they entail, Mr. Wright is a practiced and experienced practitioner of his craft. He studied Theater Practice at the Central School of Speech and Drama, a school that has produced such luminaries as Sir Lawrence Olivier and Dame Judy Dench. Following that, he also obtained a BA in special effects, where he specifically learned how to design and craft exciting and never-before-seen magic tricks.

Matthew was kind enough to give a few minutes during the half-way break in his lecture.  Have a listen here:


Kim Silverman


When magician Kim Silverman designs the acts he performs in venues across the United States he enlists props, scripts, costumes – and science.10031.970

“I draw from scientific concepts, terminology and literature when putting together my presentations,” says Kim. “I have routines I relate to neuroscience, to statistical predictions of human behaviour, to the principles of physics and to quantum mechanics.”

Kim, who graduated from Monash in 1977 and went on to complete a PhD at Cambridge, says “good magic” engages the part of the mind that’s about conscious thought and conscious reasoning.

“Magic’s not about letting go of your beliefs, it’s all about clinging to them and reasoning them out.”

Kim works as a principle research scientist in the high-tech industry in Silicon Valley, California, performing as a magician in his spare time. He was an invited presenter last May at Magic Con in San Diego and, although he was working alongside people like Darwin Ortiz, Max Maven, Paul Wilson and Jon Armstong, many people said his lecture was the best and most inspiring of the conference.

Kim has also given three different TEDx talks on aspects of his approach to magic performance. He has recently been approached about appearing on television in the US and about performing for the Dalai Lama. Kim’s lecture promises to be as informative and inspirational as it is unique. Magic for Kim is about bringing joy and a sense of mystery to an audience – and more. He says it teaches us about deception, that things are not always as they seem, and to question what we believe, including assumptions we hold about ourselves. “The aim of magic for me is about giving people something to take away to make themselves feel better about themselves.”

Kim’s lecture at Grand Illusions on March 12th, 2015, was most unusual in that no tricks were taught. Instead, Kim taught us to use our magic to make people feel positive and good about themselves.  To give hope and encouragement and love to every audience.   Sound like hippy nonsense? Oh, no, Kim did the homework: It’s clinically proven that we as magicians have the capability to make people more health and even extend their lives.  Sound intriguing?  It should. Have a listen to learn more about what happened during this amazing lecture.

Aug 082013


Christian Cagigal

Christian Cagigal


Join host Steve Johnson as he delves into the mind and the past of actor, artist and magician, Christian Cagigal.

From a strange child to the Exit Theater and beyond, Christian peels back the layers to explain, in some way, what makes his fascinating mind tick the way that it does.

Listen now by using the streaming media player, below:




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