Jul 252017
 ,John Witte, Joe Culpepper, Mick Holsbeke and Brooke Steussy-Edfeldt .

(L-R) ,John Witte, Joe Culpepper, Mick Holsbeke and Brooke Steussy-Edfeldt .

Join magic consultant Joe Culpepper live from Montreal, Quebec, as he interviews circus artist Mick Holsbeke about learning Yann Frisch’s brilliant and avant garde routine, Baltass, for the “magie nouvelle” show, Rêveurs Définitifs, playing in Montreal until July 30.

Joe and Mick are joined by Brooke Steussy-Edfeldt and John Witte for this interview just before heading over to the McCord Museum.



Jun 302017

Our old friend Joe Culpepper was in town to give a lecture to the Northern Cal magic community and we managed to snag a few minutes of his time for this interview.

Have a listen:

Tonight, Dr. Culpepper presents a very special magic lecture, “Doctoring Magic”. Come and learn more about Dr. Culpepper’s Reception and Adaptation: Magic Effects, Mysteries and Con Games. Plus he will be discussing his consulting work on how Houdini’s spiritualist exposé techniques were adapted for use in the television show Houdini & Doyle: World of Wonders.

This Special Presentation is FREE for IBM 192 & SAM 72 members, and only $10 for non-members. Don’t miss it!
Date: Friday, June 30, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Arcade Church, 3927 Marconi Avenue, Sacramento 95821
(Use the driveway by the Arcade Church sign on Marconi Ave. to enter. The community room is straight ahead by the parking lot on your left.)